If you want to choose the best CMS on the internet, then your choice must be none other than WordPress. These are not just the random words read & written, but these are the proven stats communicating that WordPress Websites are on the top. According to data, 43.2% of the websites are built on WordPress; this platform is doing something greater than its competitors!

Let’s dig deeper into what qualities make WordPress a Market Leader.

1- WordPress Websites are Free for All

WordPress is free! You don’t have to pay a single penny to install WordPress and build your site. In some cases, you spend on your own choice for its paid themes and plugins to build a custom website.  Other than that you only need to buy a hosting for your WordPress site that could be self-hosted or managed-hosting.

2- Easy to Use

You don’t need coding expertise to work on a WordPress site. You can easily add pages, post content, images, and videos, and do formatting without a technical background. Everyone can build a basic WordPress website by themselves and work on it; however, it depends on the time of need.

3- No Coding

As discussed earlier, anyone can build a WordPress site without having any technical knowledge and nothing to know about coding. All you need is a clear picture of your site to customise and design it accordingly.

4- Easily Customizable

If no coding is required, you can still design your site the way you want. You can customise themes, layouts, design, demo content and more. WordPress Plugins add additional custom functionalities to your site.

5- Highly Responsive

According to Statista, 92% of global users have accessed the internet via mobile phone, 91% via smartphone, and 67% via desktop. Your website must be responsive on every device to generate a great user experience. WordPress makes it very easy to build responsive websites for every device.

6- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly

If you are building an online site, you must know that your website is worthy only if it is visible to the people, which means it appears in the Search Engine Results (SERPs). Most internet websites are built on WordPress; search engines crawl these websites faster than those on other platforms. Additionally, WordPress offers SEO checks on every page and post to keep you up to the mark of search engines.

7- Faster Speed

Nobody can deny WordPress’s speed in building a site in a day! All you need is data i-e content & media, to start & complete your website in as short as 24 hours to fulfil an urgent need. Once built, you can make faster changes to customise it the way you want.

8- Safety & Security

WordPress offers complete safety & security with a few responsible actions like using safe & secure themes and plugins, carefully managed login procedures, monitoring security from time to time by installing reliable plugins, and updating it regularly.

9- Regular Updates

One of the best features of WordPress Websites is that they offer regular updates, which help you to fix any bugs. More importantly, secure your website from hackers by accurately responding to the new methods used by cybercriminals and hackers trying to make a malicious hacking attempt on your site.

10- Multiple Users

Multiple users can work on your WordPress Website, having numerous rights as a user, editor, owner, & others. Doing this allows you to use different resources to grow your website or online business without having any security headaches.

11- Blogging Ready

WordPress offers a separate Blog section where you can easily post your blogs with just a few clicks. Blogs are the main part of your website’s SEO, and WordPress knows it very well and acts accordingly.

12- Flexibility

Because of having unlimited paid & unpaid themes & plugins, WordPress offers complete flexibility to build any type of site you want. This WordPress feature removes the typical assumption that you must code from scratch to add technicalities and multiple features to your site.

13- Market Leader

It’s important to know that WordPress has the biggest market share of 64.3% on the internet, but it’s also important to notice that its nearest competitors are not even close to it. Let’s dive into the numbers given by W3techs.

  • Shopify: 6.1%
  • Wix: 3.4%
  • SquareSpace: 2.9%
  • Joomla: 2.5%
  • Drupal: 1.8%

Hence, the data shows that you will not mistake choosing WordPress to kick start your online ventures.

14- Huge Community

WordPress enjoys having a large community in every area as the Market Leader. You can find many experts to create your site, manage it, rank it, or even assist you building it yourself at very reasonable prices.

15- Better for All Websites

For having a template system and customisable plugin system, you can build any kind of website on WordPress, be it a portfolio, blog, educational website, business website, online store etc.


WordPress is the top content management system on the internet; nobody can challenge it to be wrong with any global numbers & stats. WordPress is on top for having many great features as compared to its competitors, which we have discussed above in detail. The past and present numbers ensure that WordPress is going nowhere and will be the best choice to start an online venture.

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