ChatGPT – An Open AI Platform Destined to Change the World


ChatGPT is an open AI platform designed to process natural language just as humans do. It is also known as a Chat-based Generative Pretrained Transformer. Needless to say, it is one of the most technologically advanced natural language processing models introduced by Open AI to make communication between humans and computers more convenient so that means ChatGPT – An Open AI Platform Destined to Change the World.


Every day we wake up to new innovations in the world aimed at revolutionizing how things are done. ChatGPT is a similar modernized tool designed as a variant of the famous GPT-3 model by training it to understand different types of text data using sources like articles, books, and websites. 


So, what is the usefulness of ChatGPT? How is it different than other AI language processing models? This blog post is going to answer all of your questions while covering other important areas related to the topic. 

The invention of ChatGPT

A team of researchers at OpenAI, comprising Jeffrey Wu, Alec Radford, David Luan, Rewon Child, and more, worked on the development of the ChatGPT model based on the GPT-3 architecture. What’s important to note here is that the invention of ChatGPT was the result of the collaborative efforts of multiple researchers and engineers who trained the AI model on a large amount of data. 


The GPT-3 architecture was first mentioned in a research paper in 2020, which discussed its ability to respond to various prompts like a human. Today, there are many developers and researchers employing ChatGPT in several natural language processing jobs, including text summarization, text generation, and language translation. 

What Is the Application of ChatGPT? 

Yes, it is an AI natural language processing infrastructure that processes computerized prompts in the same way we humans do. So, what are its applications? You can use ChatGPT for a wide variety of tasks. Let’s talk about the most common uses of this newly invented AI model; 

  • Sentiment Analysis:

    As the name suggests, ChatGPT proves increasingly valuable in interpreting the sentiment of a piece of text. That’s right; it is now possible to judge the emotions users are trying to convey through texts with the help of ChatGPT. It can easily analyze the tone of writing and help you gain a better understanding of written content. 


Consequently, businesses find this feature of ChatGPT highly resourceful. This is because it allows organizations to quickly realize the emotions of customers hidden in their feedback. Ultimately, it presents businesses with the golden opportunity of improving their goods or services to maximize customer satisfaction. 


  • Text Generation:

    As you read earlier, ChatGPT is capable of giving responses to prompts like humans. There are so many areas of work where this capability can come in handy. For instance, businesses can use this model to create efficient Chatbots for answering customer queries and helping them find quick solutions to their problems. As a result, businesses get to improve their customer service to a great extent. 


Furthermore, if an organization has online forums for interacting with its customer base, ChatGPT can be embedded to generate fast replies to questions effectively. We all are aware of the significance of social media marketing strategies in putting businesses on the map, enabling them to become visible to a greater number of prospects. ChatGPT can help generate personalized content for social media posts without any difficulty. 


  • Text Summarization: 


This is a pretty self-explanatory application of ChatGPT. It helps with summarizing written content in a way that delivers the complete gist of the original writing piece. You can easily acquire summaries of any type of long-form written content, like case studies, articles, white papers, etc. 


Imagine getting a quick overview of a written piece of multiple pages without needing to read it entirely. It can help you save a lot of your precious time. The applications of ChatGPT as a text summarizer are indeed countless. CEOs, business owners, supervisors, lawyers, and other individuals from various professions can make good use of the text summarization feature of ChatGPT. 


  • Language Translation: 

How many times have you come across a text written in a language you are unaware of? You no longer need to hire a translator and pay them a big amount. ChatGPT is a useful tool when it comes to acting as a language translator. 


All you have to do is provide the text prompt that needs to be translated, specify the language you want its translation in, and the model will translate it in an extensively accurate manner. ChatGPT’s capability of generating fluent and correct translations of text prompts is undoubtedly impressive. This feature is valuable for businesses as well as individuals all over the world, especially for multinationals operating in different countries. 


How one decides to utilize this technologically innovative tool varies from one user to another. It all depends on your goal and unique requirements. To conclude, ChatGPT is a natural language processing model deemed valuable for a lot of tasks.  

How Does ChatGPT work? 

One of the most important questions dwindling in everyone’s minds is how ChatGPT functions. It uses deep learning algorithms for responding to text prompts. It is vital to understand that the foundations of ChatGPT have been developed on the basis of GPT-3 architecture, a unique type of transformer model utilizing self-attention mechanisms for generating and processing text data. 


Let’s help you understand more about the GPT-3 architecture. It is a form of a neural network comprising numerous layers of interconnected nodes. Every node inside the network is responsible for processing one aspect of the text. For instance, one node has to depict the meaning of the data while the other comprehends its context. Similarly, another node figures out the syntax structure of the text. All of them function in harmony in order to give logical responses. Plus, every response is grammatically correct, adding 

to the user’s convenience. 


As we mentioned earlier, the team of researchers and engineers brought ChatGPT into existence by training it to learn from massive amounts of data. This is one of the key features of GPT-3 architecture found in the model we are discussing. ChatGPT can read and interpret text related to any topic. It can also understand the style of writings to recognize the tone of the text. This is one of the main reasons why ChatGPT comes off as a highly knowledgeable model compared to the previous ones. Not only does it generate human-like responses efficiently, but it also understands the text like us. It functions with high levels of accuracy and relevancy. 


The reason why ChatGPT can comprehend the meaning of the input text is because of the unique ability of the GPT-3 architecture to manage long-range dependencies. Among all the natural language processing jobs, such as text generation and summarization, understanding the context and meaning of the data is crucial. The GPT-3 architecture’s self-attention mechanisms help in capturing the long-range dependencies to give responses accurately and fluently. 

How To Start Using ChatGPT?

In order to begin reaping the benefits of ChatGPT, you first need to complete the registration process. Make sure you have an account on Outlook, Gmail, or any other online mailbox. Plus, you also need a valid overseas mobile phone number. Let’s go through the entire pathway of how to start using ChatGPT step-by-step;


  1. Open your browser and go to the ChatGPT login page: 
  2. Begin the signup procedure to make an OpenAI account by entering your email. If you have a Gmail account, simply click ‘Continue with Google.’  
  3. Next, you are going to come across the mobile phone verification screen. A code is sent to the phone number you provide there for verification purposes.

    Note: You can easily purchase an Indian phone number via by paying $0.2. Simply, register at the website, log in to your account, recharge $0.2, find the OpenAI service by searching for ‘OpenAI’ on the homepage, and purchase an Indian phone number (starts with 91). You can also buy phone numbers from other countries, but they could be expensive. 
  4. Enter your new foreign phone number into the verification input box on openAI, and select ‘Send Code via SMS.’  
  5. Your verification code will be attainable from You can enter this code on the OpenAI interface to complete the verification process.  
  6. The next step is to choose your purpose for using and registering at OpenAI. Selecting ‘I am exploring personal feature’ is advisable to avoid running into any unwanted issues.  
  7. You have now registered at OpenAI, acquiring full access to ChatGPT. Log in to your account and begin chatting with ChatGPT in a seamless manner.


You can use ChatGPT for debugging, writing articles, translation, answering questions, and a lot more. It is safe to say that the sky is the limit for an average ChatGPT user. 

Do You Need to Pay to use ChatGPT?

Whether or not you have to pay to use ChatGPT depends on your usage. Users require an API key to start using the model, and they can get it for free. However, it is important to note here that the free access to OpenAI API and ChatGPT comes with a couple of restrictions.


For instance, the API key offered without any charges gives you a limited number of chances to make requests to process text data in a month. In addition to this, the responses generated by ChatGPT on a free-of-cost API key have usage restrictions. In order to gain unlimited access to the model and exceed the request limit, you have to pay. 


A lot of people want to use ChatGPT to fulfill their business or other commercial needs. In that case, having restricted access can cause hindrances for entities that desire to reap all the benefits of this efficient and effective model. Hence, paying to gain complete access free from restrictions is advisable to avoid any unnecessary mishaps later. Make sure to fully read and understand the terms of service for the OpenAI API before taking any further steps. 


Below is a tweet made by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, 

‘we will have to monetize it at some point.’ 


This was aimed at addressing the overwhelming operating costs the company has to bear to keep it running smoothly. For now, you can start using ChatGPT for free without worrying about any interruptions since it does not show ads. Although, this can change in the future if OpenAI decides to monetize the platform to cover its expenses. 


Currently, OpenAI gives access to its other AI models and underlying language by charging users. One of the most advanced models, Davinci, of GPT-3 comes at the cost of 6 cents for every 1000 tokens. 

Interesting Facts About ChatGPT

There are a few interesting facts about ChatGPT that you must know; 


  1. ChatGPT can now communicate in a conversational manner, which is a big leap from the GPT-3 model. The previously used architecture forced users to make changes to the text provided to AI according to the appropriate tone so that the model fully understands the prompt and responds correctly. 
  2. ChatGTP demonstrates amazing capabilities. For instance, it can easily write college-level essays as a response to a simple phrase you provide to the AI model. Furthermore, it can even write complex python codes, enabling people to see it as a possible replacement for human workers. 
  3. Traditionally, users interact with search engines in a way that a prompt is entered, and all the related web links are shown in the results. ChatGPT is going to alter this mode of interaction, helping users find answers to their problems within seconds since it has a much better understanding of each prompt. It plays the role of both a debugging tool and a debugging fixer. 
  4. You can talk to the ChatGPT model and even ask follow-up questions because it answers everything. It gives replies to mathematical equations, stories, essays, and a lot more. Not only that, the ChatGPT model admits its mistakes and gives exciting opinions. You can interact with this AI model to generate new ideas about anything. 
  5. How does OpenAI guarantee that the ChatGPT model does not communicate any harmful, immoral, or unlawful content? OpenAI has a moderation API in motion to assist developers in figuring out that ChatGPT’s language adheres to the content policy at all times. Moreover, the company is trying to make further improvements so that the ChatGPT AI model can evolve to perform better.


Now you have all the important information about ChatGPT. It is safe to say that this newly developed AI chatbot is revolutionizing users’ interaction with computers. The future is here, and those who learn to adapt to it are likely to bear the fruits earlier while enjoying favorable outcomes. 


ChatGPT is one of the most advanced AI chatbots by OpenAI, which continues to evolve with time. Engineers and researchers are also working to make it better because there’s still so much room for improvement. With that being said, there is no competitor of ChatGPT at the moment.

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