How Does Shopify Drop shipping Work?

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We see that you want to learn properly about Shopify and its drop shipping so worry no more as the following blog “How Does Shopify Dropshipping Work? Have been exclusively written for readers, who are interested in knowing about Shopify drop shipping and Shopify’s store development services.

First, let us tell you about Shopify that what is it about?

Shopify brings together all of your commerce under a single umbrella that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. They carry enough expertise and leadership in this field that comes from the experiences of millions of merchants on their platform.

Furthermore, their success ratio allows them to predict and build the right features to not only power commerce today but to help shape and define what the industry looks like tomorrow.

Merchants can manufacture and customize an online store and sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, in-person, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops and across multiple channels from social media to online marketplaces.

Another thing about Shopify is that it is absolutely cloud-based and hosted, which means you can access it from any connected compatible device. They will handle the software, server upgrades, and maintenance for you giving you the freedom to access and run your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

This does not surprise us that a commerce business requires a lineup of tools to manage products, inventory, payments, and shipping. They spend a lot of time in money stitching disparate systems and data together. Here Shopify groups those technologies together and makes sure that you can easily access and integrate any other business tools you need to make it work for your business.

What makes Shopify a desirable place for an e-commerce store?

Well, the channel has the following features

  • 70+ top-notch themes for your storefront
  • Every Shopify store includes a free 256-bit SSL certificate for your security
  • Many useful integrations for drop shipping
  • Supports best SEO practices
  • Automated store e-mails
  • User-friendly inventory management
  • Hosting with unlimited bandwidth
  • Useful dashboard for analytics


  • Handy Shopify App for your mobile device


Besides the main factors, Shopify also has a Wishlist feature allowing shoppers to add and bookmark the items they like and return from where they left off resulting in boosting sales and profits taking conversion rates up, and making users spend more on each purchase.


We guess till now you are together with us so now it’s time to ride on dropshipping.


What is Dropshipping?

An order fulfillment method where a business doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party, who is usually a wholesaler or manufacturer to complete orders.


The process is essentially a relationship between a customer-facing store and a supplier.


How Does Shopify Drop shipping work?

how does shopify drophipping work

Shopify dropshipping is considered an ideal business model for first-time entrepreneurs and many wonder how exactly does it work? Scroll down to get familiar with the procedure.


  1. Place Order on Shopify

A customer places an order and pays for the products on your Shopify dropshipping store.


  1. Contacting your supplier

You will transfer the order and shipping information to your supplier. Since you are not responsible for picking, packing, or shipping physical products, it’s necessary that you have a reputable supplier who you trust and can rely on to provide the service that you advertise.


  1. Getting Billed

You’re billed for the products ordered, once your Shopify dropshipping supplier receives the order.


  1. Paying For The Services

In this, you pay your supplier which usually includes the product cost at a wholesale price plus a dropshipping fee.


  1. Delivery

The supplier packages and ships the products directly to your customer.


The procedure of dropshipping on Shopify is simple because you just select the products you wish to sell on your Shopify dropshipping store and have the supplier take care of the rest!


What Advantages Does Shopify Dropshipping Carry?

Your next question must be about the advantages of Shopify dropshipping so have a look at the list of convenience

  • Complete Solution

An all-in-one solution with a great set of functionalities for e-commerce businesses. Shopify covers everything and even lets you use third-party apps to improve the performance of your store, therefore there’s no need to go through all the steps when you create your dropshipping business.


  • User Friendly

It is easy to use for both experts and newbies so the platform turns out to be user-friendly and has good customer support.


  • No Worries about Inventory

When you are not manufacturing and purchasing any products in bulk, you don’t have excess inventory. The amount of products equals your customers’ demands and you order a product only when an order is placed.


  • No Shipping Costs

Since you don’t ship anything yourself (just order products from wholesalers), then the shipping costs are nonexistent.


  • No Upfront Investment is Needed

When launching your own Shopify dropshipping business, you can start a store within hours without any upfront investment.

You would also be glad to hear the recent data which according to Oberlo states that the global dropshipping market is forecast to reach $243.42 billion in 2023. This is also the first year it has surpassed $200 billion, after a 23.7% increase from 2022’s numbers.


Types of Shopify’s Store Development Services

Now let’s guide you about Shopify’s store development services, which are very much important for your business to excel.


  • Shopify theme development and customization

A theme is the initial layout of a store’s presence, and so they should fit with one’s brand identity from the very beginning. Having a proper Shopify theme for one’s online store is important being the backbone of any visual brand.

Shopify is well-loaded with theme designs and customizations on the market, therefore many theme developers or agencies offer services such as building Shopify themes, UX/UI theme design, or Shopify theme modification.


  • Shopify store setup and customization

To customize Shopify stores in the long run, coding, and technical stuff are involved, and definitely not every merchant is tech-savvy or has a skillful development team. That’s why web developers and agencies usually support store setup and customization services to unravel merchants’ problems.


Some of the main activities you can easily see are creating Shopify stores from scratch, building pages (landing pages, homepages, etc.), modifying existing Shopify pages, Shopify cart customization and page conversion rate optimization.


  • Shopify App Development and Customization

This type of service will require a longer time in a project because it’s more inclined to high-tech and specialized requests. Some clients will request you to create a whole new private app, add more features or functions in existing Shopify apps, or integrate with another 3rd-party app.


  • Shopify Migration

There are many clients that don’t commence their eCommerce journey with Shopify. Maybe they start with Etsy, Wix, WooCommerce, and so on. If they want to switch, Shopify supports migrating store data from those platforms, and there are plenty of Shopify Experts and agencies that can professionally carry it out in a short time, along with services to migrate new clients to Shopify Plus.


  • Shopify SEO service

You can see that many agencies or developer companies will include Shopify SEO and marketing services, along with other development services. That is because SEO is not only a strategy for increasing conversion rate and getting organic traffic but also acts as a tool to optimize one’s online store within itself.


  • PSD to Shopify theme conversion

Photoshop is a common tool to sketch and create a design when building a Shopify theme. To convert the photoshop design (PSD) to a functional Shopify page, merchants must have CSS/HTML knowledge in addition to knowing the customization settings of Shopify. However, a lot of Shopify web design companies will offer this kind of service to merchants.


With this, we come to the end of the Shopify dropshipping and Shopify development services. I hope this blog helps you in launching your own venture on the platform now.


Good Luck!







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