What is WordPress landing page builder?

WordPress Landing Page Builder

First, let’s know! what is a WordPress landing page builder?

WordPress is an open-source “content management system” (CMS) (which is software helping users create, manage and modify content on a website without any need for technical knowledge) licensed under GPLv2, meaning that anyone can use or modify this software for free. The best part is that it’s the simplest way to create and design your own blog and website powering 43.3% of all the websites on the internet as more than one in four websites you visit have been made here.

Basically, WordPress has made website designing extremely accessible and easy even for those people, who are not into website development.

Initially, WordPress was only used for creating blogs instead of complete websites, but all credit goes to the core changes as well as to WordPress’s own set of massive plug-ins and themes, so designing any type of website has become very convenient.

Not only can WordPress build business and blog sites, but also creates e-commerce website stores as well. Apart from this WP is good for the following as well:

  • Business websites
  • E-Commerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Forums
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites

Now let’s talk about the landing page.

The landing page is the webpage that should be well designed to help you build more effective marketing campaigns, drive more traffic to your site, and convert more of your traffic into customers and leads.

On WordPress also, engaging visual pages are essential as usually, the main goal is to make sales and collect contact information so these pages must be encouraging enough that visitors to your website are compelled to take some action. It is a powerful marketing technique that is fruitful for both conversion and traffic generation.

The first step is to create marketing campaigns with the help of social media, paid ads, emails, and some other platforms too to reach your targeted audience with correct and working links so that when visitors click on them they are directed to that particular page.

The better the landing page, the higher will be the chances of getting a good traffic conversion rate coming from these sources in the form of leads and sources. Give more priority to this page as it will be the first page that your customer will land on and will decide looking at it, whether to order from here or move onto a better website!

Having understood the main purpose behind the landing page is that convert the website traffic into customers, so for that conversion, the page has to be super attractive and engaging. You have to design and organize it properly by adding the various call-to-action buttons like the buy button, signup forms, play media button, etc. in the most appealing way.

Now you will be guided as to which landing page builder is the best and how to install one on Word Press.

Do not worry; as the procedure is very easy you do not have to be a web developer either and can easily do this by installing a plug-in. Yes, a plug-in! Word Press offers many plugins for multiple purposes and for the landing page part “SeedProd,” tops the chart of the best WordPress landing page builders.

Why SeedProd?

It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder with hundreds of professionally designed templates, and a ready-made landing page block with page types, conversion tools, a theme builder, and integrations to boost conversions.

In Builder Features:

  • Drag and Drop Builder:

Their easy-to-use “drag and drop page builder,” allows you to create impressive themes, layouts, and pages in no time, where no coding is required.

  • 90+ Pro Blocks:

To display dynamic and static content, a good variety of blocks have been created like

Standard blocks: Standard blocks include headlines, text, lists, buttons, images, videos, dividers, spacers, and columns.

Advanced blocks: If you are looking to design and customize your page on another level, then Advanced Blocks are what you need. It comes with the following options giveaway, contact form, option form, tabs, countdown, social profiles, social sharing, animated headline, progress bar, icon, testimonials, image carousel, image box, icon box, navigation menu, pricing table, anchor, star rating, accordion, short code, login form, Google Forms, search form, Facebook like Facebook comments, Facebook page, Facebook embed, embed Tweet, Twitter timeline, Tweet button, Twitter follow, advanced gallery, gallery, business hours, custom HTML, posts, template parts, Before/After toggle, counter, Stripe payment block, price list, hotspots, team members and cross-site copy and paste sections.

WooCommerce Blocks: Here you will find, Add to Cart, Checkout, Cart, Product Grid, Recent Products, Sales Products, Best Selling Products, Featured Products, Top Rated Products, Menu Cart, Product Title, Product Featured Image, Product Price, Product Meta, Product Content, Short Description, Additional Information, Products Related, Upsells, Product Rating, Product Stock, Archive Products and Product Data Tabs.

Template Tag Blocks: Posts, Post Title, Post Content, Post Excerpt, Featured Image, Author Box, Post Comments, Post Navigation, Post Info, Archive Title, Site Logo, and Template Parts.

Widgets: Pages, Calendar, Archives, Audio, Image, Gallery, Video, Meta, Search, Text, Categories, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, RSS, and Tag Cloud.


  • Live Previews:

You can even see the live preview of your page to see how it will look even if it’s in any state like draft, live or just testing.

  • Layout Navigation:

Easily rearrange sections, rows, columns, and blocks, or access your page settings by using the layout navigation option.

  • Revision, History:

Go back to any previously saved point on your page with just one click and even see who made those specific changes.

  • Draft Mode:

Work on your page in private without revealing its design to the public. As soon as you are ready, you can hit publish for everyone to see!

  • Saved Page Templates, Sections, and Blocks:

It has become super easy to save and reuse pages and page elements so you can avoid repeating the same steps.

  • Favorite Templates and Sections:

Save your favorite page template or section that you use frequently to avoid wasting time and get instant access to all your favorites.

  • Mobile Device Preview:

In previewing, have a look at how your customized pages look on desktop and mobile devices before you publish them and go live, so you can ensure your pages are ready to convert.

  • Cross-Site Copy and Paste Sections:

All media will be imported automatically once you copy sections across pages to another website!


In Template Features:

landing page


  • 150+ Landing Page Templates:

A variety of landing pages including sales, option, coming soon, maintenance mode, webinar, login, and thank you pages can be created, and guess what? New templates are also updated regularly so keep exploring and experimenting.

Responsive and Mobile Ready Pages:

SeedProd creates such good pages that they look terrific on any device, so your message is always clear irrespective of the size screen your audience uses to look through.

  • Smart Sections:

Professionally designed pre-built sections like headers, and calls to action are already at your disposal, so you definitely do not need to be a designer to create fascinating layouts.

  • Bloat Free Code:

The code built by our products is unlike other builders because it is bloat-free and minimal to load your page quickly. In short faster pages = more conversions!

  • Block Templates:

Landing page blocks have ready-made block templates so your switching styles have become faster. For example with 1 click, you can create a vintage, flat, 2D, or ghost button.

  • Color Schemes:

20 built-in color schemes are in this plugin or unleash your inner designer by creating your own custom color palette to use throughout your landing page design.

  • Font Combinations:

To provide unlimited font combinations, SeedProd integrates with Google Fonts.

Plus they show you which ones look great together with our curated list as well.

  • Custom CSS:

Add custom CCS code and snippets to any landing page without much effort if you need/want to play around with the style of an element on your page.

  • Shape Dividers:

Form unique and eye-catching dividers for your sections, rows, and columns with the Shaper Dividers feature.


In-Page Types:


Headers, Footers, Pages, Posts, Archives, Sidebars, and WooCommerce pages can be created by their no-code Theme Builder that is basically giving you access to full site editing. Sounds fun right?

  • Built-In Coming Soon, Maintenance:

Do explore their built-in Coming Soon and Maintenance Modes which limit access to your website while under construction.

  • Custom 404 Pages:

Turn your site’s lost traffic into leads. With the click of a button, you can add a custom 404 page that allows you to collect emails from otherwise lost traffic, so even that issue is resolved.

  • Custom Login Pages:

Convert your dry login page into a more visually appealing custom login page to help reinforce your brand and even better, use it to highlight features or cross-promote your products or services.

  • Access Controls:

The access controls let you give users a bypass URL, and limit access by role or IP address so only people you want can see your real site while under construction.

  • Domain Mapping:

What does Domain Mapping do?

Well, it lets you create landing pages and point them to any domain name instead of your main website domain and the good part is that no extra WordPress installs are needed for this.


In Conversion Tools:


  • WooCommerce Integration:

Create custom distraction-free checkout, cart, product grids, and more with their WooCommerce blocks and integration.

  • Subscriber Management:

You can track every subscriber with or without a 3rd party email provider; get clear visual data on page subscriber counts and new subscribers over time.

  • Premium Integrations:

Collect emails with top 3rd party email marketing service providers like



Constant Contact,



Campaign Monitor

Constant Contact





Mad Mimi








  • Dynamic Text:

Dynamically insert dates or values from a query parameter to personalize your landing pages.

  • Spam Protection:

Your landing pages need to be protected from spam, bots, and fraudulent submissions with ReCaptcha to get more highly qualified leads and prospects for your business.

  • Custom Scripts:

Use the built-in header and footer scripts area to implement more technical tweaks so you can add a tracking script or widget from another website.

  • Animations:

Select from over 45+ eye-catching animations to draw attention to your page elements and call to action.


The Installation of SeedProd Plugin


  1. Purchase the SeedProd Plugin:

First, visit the SeedProd website and buy the plugin.

After purchasing the plugin, you can download the plugin file to your computer and copy the license key. Otherwise, a lite version of SeedProd is also available, which can be downloaded from wordpress.org.

  1. Login To Word Press:

Next login to your Word Press dashboard and install the plugin. After installation does not forget to activate it.

Now enter the plugin license key on the main page. Enter the license key that you copied before through your SeedProd website and click the Verify Key button.

  1. Create Your First Page Button:

After the verification of the license key, just scroll down a little and there you will see the option of “Create Your First Page”. Click on that button.

  1. Redirected To SeedProd Dashboard:

You will be redirected to the SeedProd dashboard after clicking the button and now start creating a new landing page.

  1. Create a Landing Page:

Once you are on the SeedProd dashboard, there will be an option of creating five different types of pages.

On the top of the page, Coming Soon mode, Maintenance mode, Login page, and 404 pages will be visible to you. Right below, you can see the option for creating a landing page.

  1. Click on Add New Landing Page:

Get started by clicking on the + Add New Landing Page button.

  1. Choose A Landing Page Template:

It seems like you have clicked on the Add Landing Page Button, so now you will be notified to choose a landing page templates that SeedProd offers. Since you have chosen SeedProd as a landing page builder plugin, therefore you will get a good variety of amazing and visually attractive pages to choose from.

If hunting for specific pages like sales and marketing, then enter into the categories of Sales, Lead Squeeze, and Webinar templates.

  1. Start From Scratch:

Oh! You want to start from scratch so then also no issues as you can always select the blank template and make it as attractive as possible.

In order to use a template, simply hover over it and click the Checkmark button.

The next step is to customize the template with your own content.

  1. Customize the Landing Page Template:

After choosing your landing page template, you’ll be redirected to SeedProd’s visual drag-and-drop builder where you can customize your landing page.

There are landing page blocks and sections you can add to the template on the left side of the builder. And on the right side, you can see how your landing page looks with the live preview.

Customizing the landing page template is very much easy as you can tweak each and every element by just pointing and clicking on it.

You can experiment by changing the text, its style, color, alignment, layout, etc. to see whatever fits your product or overall brand. Similarly, you can change the background color or images used within the template with your product-related standard colors and images too. Click on the Global Settings button in the bottom left corner in order to do this.

You can delete the useless landing page blocks by simply clicking the trash can icon. Duplicating a content block, moving it, changing the block settings, or saving the block can also be done.

We hope that now you are clear about WordPress Page Builder and how to use it, so get started to create attractive pages for your website!

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