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Our developers strictly use core WordPress object oriented property to develop or customize plugins to fit-in your needs.

  • Custom Plugin Development
  • User Friendly Plugin Interface
  • Assured Confidentiality
  • WordPress Validated
  • Latest WordPress Compatibility
  • Fully Tested and Bug Free
  • Your Plugin, Your Code
  • 60 Days Off Development Support
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • User Friendly Plugin Interface
  • Assured Confidentiality
  • WordPress Validated
  • Latest WordPress Compatibility
  • Fully Tested and Bug Free
  • Your Plugin, Your Code
  • 60 Days Off Development Support
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Get your required plugin ready within 4 days

Procedure of Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Identify the requirements

Clearly defining your development needs is the first step in creating a WordPress plugin.


To create the best development plan, our WordPress plugin developers take into account every pertinent factor.


Our WordPress plugin developers get to work with an agile methodology in mind and with your best interests in mind.


To assure superior outcomes free of bugs, our attentive quality assurance team thoroughly tests and examines your WordPress plugin.


Your ideal plugin is created with the support of qualified hands and the best WordPress plugin development techniques.

Custom WordPress Plugins for Specific Needs

Offering 100% Secure & Professional WordPress Plugin Development Services

Share with us your WordPress Plugin Development Requirements

    Our Strategy to Develop a WordPress Plugin

    See how our development team consider your requirements while developing a WordPress plugin

    Plugin Development

    With our clean coding that we utilize to create WordPress plugins, we make your website functioning spectacular and make your web presence completely different and effective. Whether you need a tweaked plugin or a brand-new plugin created from the start, our talented staff can handle it all and improve the speed of your website.

    Installation Assistance and Support 24/7

    Many of our clients struggle to set up and manage the functionalities of their WordPress plugins because not everyone is tech knowledgeable. Because of this, our knowledgeable team is always available to offer advice and support so they can manage their eCommerce Store or any other WordPress plugin or feature.

    Plugin coding & Customization

    Your existing WordPress is not performing as you would like it to for you. Don't worry; The WordPress Websites can modify any WordPress plugin to meet your requirements and the needs of your company.

    Third-Party Integration

    With our expertise, we enable the integration of numerous third-party add-ons, payment gateways, extensions, or applications to help you run your business online efficiently and effectively. We know how important it is for you to have all the necessary features on your website to run a successful business online.

    Full-Stack Developers at Your Disposal to Create Your WordPress customized plugin

    Stuck with WordPress Development! Can’t find a suitable plugin that fulfils your need? Ping us right away and let us create a plugin that caters to all your needs. 

    Website designs and development

    Why work with our WordPress plugin developers?

    We have a comprehensive understanding of your company’s issues and work with you as a technology partner to provide a long-term business solution.

    We are working on your project with a skilled team of relationship managers, developers, and testers to assure high-quality results.

    We understand that reliability and trust are what sustains enterprises. To make sure you are at ease during the project, our crew gives it their all.

    Additional benefits of working with expert WordPress developer


    In order to give you hassle-free management over every aspect of your WordPress website, Hire The WordPress Websites can offer you a theme control panel for your theme project. This is because we believe that every business needs customized solutions at specific times as well as allowances to adapt with the times.


    Our markup conversion method uses W3C standards' inherited attributes to create the majority of standard HTML, and our WordPress theme creation process uses semantic SEO codes that can be dynamically added to all pages and posts in addition to basic ones.


    The WordPress Websites developers closely adhere to WordPress standards and object-oriented programming to ensure that they isolate specially designed features from the CMS's fundamental structure, preventing any problems with the smooth upgrade process whenever WordPress releases a new version.


    Our expertise in completing more than 4000 projects of all shapes and sizes, from WordPress theme development to CMS customization, plugin development, and ongoing maintenance, has taught us how to use WordPress core structure to implement requirements in a progressive manner that results in extremely efficient deliverables.


    The project management team at The WordPress Websites uses cutting-edge and effective management tools to match the skill set of developers with project requirements and their deliverable in order to maximize output while meeting strict deadlines and short ETAs and ensuring seamless deliveries with each project we undertake.


    You can choose the engagement model that best suits your project from a variety of services. We offer a fixed budget/time solution with already defined needs, where we ask for the hiring of resources using a SaaS-based approach and hourly engagement for short-term services.


    Our eCommerce developers

    have served

    Fashion and Apparel

    Beauty and Personal Care


    Household Goods


    Increasing the Website's Capabilities

    The improved functionality of your website is the main benefit of implementing WordPress plugins. By choosing to have a custom WordPress plugin developed, you can add unique features or tools made just for you to your template, making it more adaptable and able to fulfil your needs. Therefore, while you will get improved results on the one hand, your website’s distinctiveness will help you stand out on the other.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Answers to standard questions customers often ask when they first contact us.

    Customizing or developing a new plugin: which is preferable?

    We can customize paid plugins for small businesses, startups, and professionals in the internet business world, but doing so is not advised because the customized features will be lost in updates to the plugin files in the future. Instead, we can develop a different specially designed feature or plugin that works in conjunction with premium plugins to meet your needs..

    Could you alter a purchased plug-in for us?

    Yes, we can alter paid add-ons. However, we would like our clients to confirm this with us first to see how our customization will impact the support and warranty time of the plug-in, which is often offered by plug-in suppliers.

    Who will possess the code once the project is finished?

    All of it is yours. We may provide you the project code base from day one if you hired a dedicated developer for your project, and we release the code once the project is finished if you choose the fixed cost and time option. The copyright will always be yours in both situations.

    Will the upcoming WordPress version work with my plug-in?

    We ask our clients to give the list of WordPress versions that are compatible before we begin the project. Before we begin the project, the most recent version that was released can be used, along with a few older ones. It would not be able to guarantee compatibility with anything to which we do not have access because we cannot be certain of the changes that will be made in the upcoming version.

    Do you rebuild plugins from other CMSs to work with WordPress?

    Yes. The business logic that operated in previous CMSs can be rebuilt and transferred to your WordPress website.

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